Too Many Bones Unbreakable

The evil scientist Nobulous Grint is dead, but the land of Daelore still knows no peace from his cruel machinations. A fierce war has erupted for control over The Break, the massive subterranean cavern created by one of the mad inventor's experiments centuries ago. A brave group of Gearlocs has entered this underground labyrinth to bring peace to their lands and put a stop to The Break's ancient power, which, left unchecked, could corrupt Daelore forever. Too Many Bones: Unbreakable is the second standalone expansion to the hit dice-builder RPG Too Many Bones. Featuring two new Gearlocs, a brand-new Lava Battle Mat, and and the challenging baddies, inventive encounters and strategic gameplay the series is known for, Too Many Bones: Unbreakable is the perfect entry point for new players and franchise stalwarts alike. No matter your experience level, you will find new challenges in the bowels of The Break. Can you master its underground tyrants before their power bubbles to the surface?
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