The Phantom League Coreset

In Phantom League, you are the captain of a merchant spaceship. You begin as a nobody with a hunger for recognition and glory that will soon lead you onto a path of fame or notoriety! Build your career through trading, piracy, exploring new systems and eliminating your rivals in the other Leagues – phantom alliances
powerful enough to challenge law and political order across the known universe. This game features:
• A modular board – every game is different
• Card-driven game play – you, not the dice, are in control of the game
• A wide range of actions and strategies – there is no single best way to win
• Cooperative and competitive interaction – choose when to ally with or conspire against other players

Phantom League is designed for 2-6 players of 12 years and up, and will take approximately 2 hours to play. Phantom League is inspired by David Braben’s video game Elite.

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