Heroes of Normandie GE 1st SS Panzer Division

4 Recruitment Tiles: SS-Panzergrenadiere. I.Battalion. Leibstandarte-SS AH (Elite engineer troops, Flamer, SD.KFZ 251/7 with the bridge layer special ability, Demolition Charges). SS-Panzergrenadiere. II.Battalion. Leibstandarte-SS AH (Regular SS Troops with Flamers, Scouts, Fire Groups, 8cm Granatwerfer, MG42 HMG, Panzerschreck) SS-Panzergruppe. I.Regiment. Leibstandarte-SS AH (2x Panzer IV tanks, Jagdpanther, Panther Ausf.A, HE Shells, Ace Driver). Feldkommando (Hanreich with the Crew ability, Konvoi with two Opel Blitz Trucks and a Command Car with the Artillery Spotter ability, Panzer Directives, Artillerie Order Option, ...) Common troops: SD.KFZ 234/3 (light vehicle with a limited firing arc and the green Howitzer firing template). SD.KFZ 234/4 (light vehicle with a limited firing arc and 2 Destruction ability) Zundapp MG42 (MG42 on a sidecar motorcycle) Zundapp RPZB (Panzerschreck on a sidecar motorcycle) Hero: Julian Krause (Hero with an MG42 and the Fire on the Move special ability
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